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XP Security

Simple XP Security1. Turn off the function "Autorun and Autoplay".How to turn off autorun and autoplay which I know can be done dengancara use REGEDIT to autorun. And using gpedit for Autoplay. The second function is the same option but aktifasinya different ways.a. Through regedit.Open regedit by: Click Start> Run> write "regedit" in the box> click ok.Follow the following string:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer
Double-click NoDriveTypeAutoRun, and insert number 95 in the Value Data.b. Through gpedit.Open gpedit through: Click Start> Run> enter "gpedit.msc" in the box> click ok.Follow the following string:Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> SystemDouble click and click Turn Off Autoplay enabled.
2. Turn disbled Copy Paste via USB.Turn on the USB copy and paste if needed. This configuration can be done via regedit by using the following string.a. Click Start> Run> write "regedit"> click ok.
Click HKEY_LOCALMACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Control
b. Right-click on Control and select New> Key, name it "StorageDevicePolicies".c. Right-click on StorageDevicePolicies, select New> DWORD Value named "WriteProtect".d. Double click on WriteProtect, and change the value data to 1.e. Then Restart Computer / Laptop.If successful, each time copying and pasting the file, it will display a comment: Error Copying File or Folder.If you want to restore to its original state, change the value data to 0.
3. Update Antivirus.Update antivirus databases was intended to renew the new viruses that have not been identified by antivirus software that we use. So after updated, the antivirus can recognize the virus. Antivirus updates can be done by downloading the update files through the site we use antivirus software producers. Can also be done with automatic updates when our computers are connected to the internet.
4. Scan Flash Disk.Scanlah every flash disk that is connected to a computer. Open the flash disk files after the scan is complete and cleared or viruses that fester in the flash disk has been erased or repaired.
5. Recognize Files Application is considered strange.The act was done in order to file our application will not run. Because the virus is spread through the files of this type. Infection can occur after the files are executed. This can happen if your antivirus does not recognize a virus with a specific type. It could be due not to update the antivirus. So consider these points.6. Avoid the habit of storing files on the drive where the Operating System install a. Usually the drive used is C: \. Then save the important files and data beyond this drive, like D: \ or E: \ if any. This is done to avoid the worst if the computer needs to be installed Birthday. So it's no trouble in backing up the data contained in the Drive where the OS (operating system) entrenched.
7. Do Backup the operating system by using similar applications Ghost. This is very helpful in avoiding re-install your Operating System. Actually use Ghost to reinstall the same computer, but is faster and simpler because it allows you to backup applications that install a, so it does not need to be installed again. Backup is done after re-install and the installation of some applications that you consider important, such as Antivirus, Ms Word DSG.
8. Create a System Restore on your computer.This action is much simpler dibandingakan by backing up the Operating System. Restore Point is used to restore a Windows Restore point when we make the final. The trick is:a. After the install process Birthday operating system, make a restore point. By the way: Click Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restoreb. Click Create a Restore Point, and click Next.c. Create a restore point name. And click Create.

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