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True Love

Four Signs True Love
You can find someone who is really well suited to serve as a life partner and even have more than one in your life. But then how do you really know for sure?Here's help to convince decision of your relationship:Express the desire and why want it?
You must have a clarity not only about what you want from love, but what they want in life with your partner. Immediately after knowing it, you'll sure have entered into a relationship with a clear purpose and vision of what your relationship with him. Determining the criteria will help avoid the difficulties involved with someone who is not suitable for you.

Measure your romance

Although it sounds stale, make a list of your ideal partner expectations. Fill with the desire perfect partner, a special but realistic. The more you know what's right for you, the easier it will capture the moment when he could walk with you.

Love yourself
There's the old adage says: "You will not be able to make others happy until you're happy yourself." This will not only help when meeting someone new, but also helps you start a relationship at the right time.

Be the best
Love is not just looking for someone who will make you happy. Matches will yield the best-maybe someone who will make you become a happier and more productive.

The best way to find true love is smart to choose someone and clear why you chose it.

Laughter Can Make Love

The way you laugh, can make other people like and love arise. Therefore, the clever set-pandailah laughter.
Once the word and relationship advice expert. He said, if you're trying to attract the opposite sex, try to laugh. Because, laughing turns play an important role in a relationship.

Jo-Anne Bachorowski, assistant professor of psychology, Maria Smoski, and Michael J. Owren, a professor from Cornell University, found that humans have varying laughter.

Not only that, a study of 120 students at Vanderbilt University, is known, was the sound of laughter can attract people's attention. If we can process it, laughter can cause a sense of love.
"Of course, the sound of laughter depends on gender. But its appeal is determined situation and the person's condition and the environment - including who to laugh," explained Bachorowski.

"We are seeing, laughing very effective - like eye contact. And in fact, without realizing it, many people who use tricks to laugh to show an emotional state and how to respond to something," he added.

Make people so fancied
In fact, laughter is more than just a seasoning of conversation. We can use laughter to control one's emotional state - and yourself, of course. And in fact, many people are interested in the cheap smile.

"If people are interested in the mercy of your smile, then you can make them more interested in - or mediocre contrived, set the tone and intonation with laughter."

That said, if you are a woman, then the best way to rip the man's defense is to laugh at rather high tone accompanied by hand movements around the chest.

In contrast to men. That said, women are more attracted to men who are good at pressing the laughter until it is lower. With a sound more 'civilized', men can reduce negative thoughts toward women.

10 Tips to Finding and Maintaining Relationships Asmara

1. Do not fall in love with someone who is very potential. Too many men and women who have a friend or stay in a relationship with the expectation that others will change.
Be honest and be yourself and ask: "Can I love this person with the actual way in which they are now without hope for change?" if not, find another.
 2. Do not worry about lust. In the sense that in a hurry, people having sex would create a false intimacy, which will lead to disappointment.Take time to create a genuine emotional connection and let the passionate sexual relationship grow.3. Do not ignore the desperation to have a relationship. For example, if he makes a statement like "I do not perform properly commitment," Trust him.Ask yourself, "Is this person emotionally and situsioanal willing?" (People tend to spend time to his hobby and then a new partner).4. Do not assume your friends are "physically" knowing what you want and need.Responsible to express your feelings and need each other. This will avoid conflict and emotional connections in between you.5. Accept your partner is. When the couple entered the honeymoon phase, they often feel satisfied with each other.Continue to do romantic things with one another in every relationship, not only in the early stages. For example, make a "date night" once a week.6. Be empathetic to your partner. Set aside some time to your plan and see your partner to understand his thinking. Acknowledge and validate your partner's feelings does not mean you have to agree with them. If this does not mean you have to give up on your own needs. Often times, the feeling of understanding will mean more to your partner than to be right or win the battle.7. Focus on what you like about your partner and what they are doing right, rather than about their mistakes.8. Your lover back. People who love you back. You will not be involved with someone who will love you.9. You do not feel you are walking on eggshells. If you have a strong feeling in your stomach, it is not love, but you try to get approval.
10. A healthy relationship will enhance self-esteem.
To obtain a harmonious relationship, each partner needs to expose themselves. Healthy relationships happen when both partners feel safe to express themselves actually against each other.

Say It with Flowers ...
Say it with flowers, that's the phrase we often hear to express something to someone. Bungalah which always represent our feelings toward a loved one.
From generation kegenerasi, the woman who always loved always accept gifts of flowers. Flowers as part of the flora is a symbol of life and beauty, so that when received, women not only feel vibrate and flattered, they feel beautiful and very special. Giving flowers to a loved one will increase the sense of affection for you, and make it still very significant in your life.
Generally, interest is given in a special ambiance and to apologize, but the best time to give flowers is when there is no reason whatsoever. If you buy flowers just because you want to know that you love and memikirnya continuously, he would feel more impressed, and honor more than ever. Core giving "surprise" (in an atmosphere that is not party) will add a new atmosphere in your relationship.

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