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History Hacker

History Hacker

The term Hacker himself was born circa 1959 of MIT (Massacusetts Institute of Technology), a university in America composed of intelligent people but tend not to trust in God (atheist). That's when everything began, of a new room, "EAM room" in Building 26 at MIT, a place that is the ancestor of the "new world" we now know, where the ancestors of a machine which we now refer to as "computer", the machine who can bring us toward kelebihbaikan with freedom of information, the world of the true hacker.

The Hackers always cooperate voluntarily resolve problems and build things. They always share information, provide answers and are keen to do my best to be respected in his neighborhood. They never stop learning to be an expert and very anti to do something repetitive and boring. They are guided by the wise words: "To follow the road - look at the expert - follow the experts - to walk with the master - the master-Be familiar with the experts"

Meanwhile, cracker busy to satisfy themselves with the activities of Cracking. ranging from breaking into your computer, spread viruses (without purpose - there are few true hackers who write viruses, but with a clear purpose), to outsmart the phone (Phreaking). The Hacker calls them as lazy people who are not responsible. So, it is not fair if we still assume that hackers are evil and frightening as it is very clear that Hacker Cracker is constructive while unpacking.

Want to be a Hacker? There are no hard words for those who want to learn. To be a hacker you have to master several programming languages ​​and of course the attitudes that can make you acceptable in their environment. Usually candidates Hackers start by learning the language [Python] because the language is relatively the easiest programming language. Discussion of this language you can see in www.python.org. After that you also have to master [java] a little more difficult but it produces faster code than Python, [C], [C + +] which became the core of UNIX, and [Perl] (www.perl.com) and [LISP ] for advanced.

Having mastered all basic skills above, candidates are advised to open Hacker sati open-source version of UNIX or LINUX learn, read the code, modify it and run it again. If you're having trouble, it is advisable to communicate with Linux users club [www.linpeople.org]

Attractive side of a Hacker is where they were shoulder to shoulder in solving a problem and build something. But unfortunately, the lives of those who spend 90% of their time to hacking activity is not a good thing. If you really want to be a hacker, be a good hacker ...

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